Taco Tuesday

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Join us for a very unique Taco Tuesday! You can get a pork taco anywhere (including here) so why not make it more exciting? We are having Taco Tuesday with game meats! Taco courses will include: alligator, camel, duck confit & boar!

This is a socially distanced event with limited capacity of 30 people (25%). You will be sat with the group you register with. 


Welcome Snack: Mexican Street Corn

Taco 1: Seared alligator, jicama slaw, cumin lime aioli

Taco 2: Duck confit, fire-roasted tomato pico, chipotle sauce

Taco 3: Ground camel, za'atar crema, pickled grapes

Taco 4: Smoked boar, bourbon reduction, paprika aioli, crispy fried onions

Dessert: Churros with porter chocolate sauce

Drinks paired with each item